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canang sari offerings everyday to bless the humans,houses,or a bussiness
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Canang Sari



Canang Sari is one of the offerings were routinely performed by Hindus in Bali as an expression of gratitude to God. in daily life, canang sari can be encountered in the temple, a holy place, in the front yard or in front of the store. as a means of completeness of offering, each canang sari will be filled with incense burning in it.

Canang sari comes from the word “sari” (essence) and “canang” (a small square basket from palm leaves decorated with a combination of colorful flowers) . Canang made from young coconut leaves , various types of flowers, pandanus leaves thinly sliced placed at the top part and the bottom part is filled with leaves and “porosan” (made from palm leaves, tobacco and dried) . While sari can be interpreted as the completeness of the canang and usually in the form of money, kepeng (Balinese coins), candy, small breads, or cigarettes (if canang placed on the ground).

All materials on the canang, taken from the garden meaningful Hindus in Bali expressed their gratitude to God for all that they have.
Canang sari is a mandatory part of every worship for Hindus in Bali. So, for those who can not make a big sacrifice when praying in the temple, canang sari is sufficient to present an expression of gratitude to God.