Stunning Bali Tours | ubud monkey forest
this sacred place located at monkey forest street,padang tegal,ubud.a very great place to visit with the family during the day
ubud monkey forest,a very coomon place to visit,comfort and amazing holiday experience
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Ubud Monkey Forest



For most visitors who spend their holiday in Bali, they have been visit this place. This place is called Monkey Forest Ubud, located in Jl.Monkey Forest, Padang Tegal, Ubud, Bali.

This place is a very common place to visit, especially for tourists who visiting Ubud and surrounding area. The monkey itself is one of the many animal populations in Bali and scattered in several places that are generally in the area of ​​a temple or shrine Hindus. So most of the Bali’s people believe that the monkey is one of the sacred animals.


The monkeys who live in area of ​​Monkey Forest Ubud, Bali is known as long-tailed macaques, or in scientific terms is called Macaca fascicularis. Or in English called Macaque.

There are about 600 monkeys that inhabit this region. They are divided into 5 groups: in front of the temple, Michelin, east, middle, and cemeteries. Each of these groups of up to 100-200 monkeys consisting of: baby monkeys (0-1 years), juvenile 1 (1-2 years), juvenile 2 (2-4 years), sub adult male (4-6 years) , adult females (> 4 years), adult males (> 6 years).

This species is classified as the monkeys who active during the day and rest at night. Female monkeys pregnant for 6 months and give birth to one baby monkey. This type of monkeys are very rare to having a twin baby. Baby monkeys with their mother for about 10 months and thereafter will live independently.

Mating process can occur throughout the year with high intensity occurs around May to August. The female monkeys are keeping their babies from disruption and even the female monkeys who not gave a birth yet also helped keep the baby.

The average weight of female monkeys 2.5 – 5.7 kg and male monkeys 3.5 – 8 kg. Male monkeys live to 15 years, and female monkeys to 20 years. The long-tailed monkeys are species from omnivorous animals. Its main food is sweet potatoes were given three times daily in combination with bananas, papaya, corn, cucumber, coconut, and other local fruits.


Monkey Forest Ubud is not only a tourist area or a critical component in the spiritual and economic life of the local community, but also an important part in research and observations of monkeys.

Structuring and management of special has been done in this area, has prompted various parties around the world to conduct research, especially related to ape behavior and social interaction with the surrounding environment.


For comfort during your visit, be required to comply with all the rules that have been provided in the area Monkey Forest Ubud. If you carry a bag or plastic bottles, were asked to leave at the ticket counter.

Generally, monkeys will not come towards you if you do not bring any food or drink that makes them interested. And if you are interested in interacting or giving them food, do it carefully. Never try to pull back the food you have given to the monkeys.

To maintain the health of monkeys, please do not feed the monkeys with peanuts, biscuits, bread, or other snacks.
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